Hello world!

I am a 20 something med school student in the never-ending search for guidelines on healthy living. In my hectic life as a married med school student I found two great stress relievers: cooking and exercise. Well, I married a yoga teacher that helps too. He is also a med school student and we’ve been going through this amazing learning journey together for the past two years. My dream is to become an endocrinologist. I want to focus and teach about prevention through a whole diet and the importance of leading an active life. The amount of research available out there about the healing power of food and the benefits of exercise are astonishing! I feel like my job is to spread the good news, inspire people and help them get rid of their bad health habits. Don’t get me wrong I believe in indulging once in a while too. Help me on my mission and I hope I’ll help you too.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. GO cucu!!!! Sabes que I’m your #1 cooking fan y me fascina que estés tan technological…very proud! jaja love u -michi martinez

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