Just add flaxseed

I know we don’t always have to time to go to the supermarket, shop for the right ingredients and cook a well balanced meal. This doesn’t mean we are excused from eating healthy. There are plenty of ingredients you can keep in your pantry without worrying about it rotting away. This is were flaxseed comes in.

From Shape.com “…flaxseed oil is virtually tasteless so it’s a perfect way to sneak nutrients into a picky eater’s diet. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has been shown to promote sustained energy levels, balanced blood sugar, a healthy heart, and beautiful skin, hair, and nails.”

So..worst case scenario… regular pasta or white rice on the hand? just add some flaxseed! That way you will secretly sneak in some fiber without compromising the taste of your meal. Any type of seed works great on salads, rice, pasta, oatmeal or even on top of
toast with nut butter.


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