{Mexican Lunch for 2 – Gone Healthy}

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Mexican food lunches and dinners are my weekday life-savers. I usually keep a can of Rosaritas Vegetarian Refried Beans in my pantry along with some tacos or whole wheat tortillas. These can become the base to many of my weekday meals. Beans are naturally packed with proteins and nutrients, so I love to have them for lunch. I am usually not a fan of canned food, but I’ll make an exception for these beans. They are yummy, contain no animal products and only a trivial amount of “fat” derived from canola oil.  I usually serve them on a bowl, sprinkle with some mexican cheese & microwave for about 1 min. Done. How easy was that? Now make bean burritos or quesadillas and have a quick and delicious lunch. Did I mention these burritos make the perfect lunch on the go? Yes. Quick and convenient. But if you have more time, browse my Guacamole & Red Veggie Salsa recipes. They make great additions to any Mexican inspired meal.

To recreate my “Mexican Lunch for 2 – Gone Healthy” you’ll need:

1 can of Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans 

6 small tacos or tortillas

tortilla chips

Mexican cheese – optional

My Arugula, Avocado & Beet Salad Recipe

My Guacamole Recipe

My Red Veggie Mexican Salsa Recipe

Click on the titles to see the recipes!

…Can’t get enough of my easy Mexican meals? Check out my Healthy Vegan Ground Beef Fajitas for 4. 





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