{Apple, Pear & Strawberry Juice}

Serving Size: 3 to 4 glasses (depends on the size)
Yield: 1 L of juice


This juicing recipe was adapted from the Breville Owner’s Manual…yes they have lots of yummy recipes in there…This is the perfect juice to drink in the morning or as a mid-afternoon snack. I love using strawberries in juicing recipes because they are naturally sweet when ripe. If using frozen strawberries it is very important to thaw completely before using in order to extract a greater amount of juice. Remember, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!


1 cup of strawberries
3 ripe pears
2 apple


1. PREP: For the pears and apple – remove the stems and core ONLY if using the pulp for baking posteriorly. If you are just interested in the juice, remove the stem and cut the pears and apples into 4 equal pieces.

2. Set the juicer to low speed an extract the strawberry juice. This will be thicker than normal if using the frozen strawberries.

3. Switch to high speed and juice the remaining fruits. 

IMPT. NOTE – do not switch the order of juicing! You should ALWAYS juice ingredients that require LOW speed FIRST and then switch to high speed ingredients. This way, the fruit that remains in the blades will be pushed outwards and extracted when switching speeds.

4. Whisk juice thoroughly. For best results, serve immediately. Store remaining juice in your fridge for up to 24hrs.

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