{Quick vegetarian lunch: Apple, Spinach, Almond & Swiss Quesadilla}


Meatless light lunches can be tricky, especially if you’re short on time. So I came up with this recipe one day after having some leftover salad. If you think about it a lot of the ingredients you add into your salads could really make a yummy wrap or quesadilla…so I thought…almonds? cranberries? apples? spinach? yummmm…now let’s cook them together with some cinnamon and brown sugar and then add some gloriously melted Swiss cheese…the result is amazing. Instant veggie quesadilla. Enjoy! I also make this with Bosc pears instead of apples and it’s just as delicious. It just proves that quesadillas don’t have to belong strictly to Mexican cuisine.


1 whole grain tortilla, (You can use 2 tortilla slices if you want but this will likely increase your lunch by 100 calories!)
1 cup spinach
1 reduced fat swiss cheese slice
1/2 red apple or Bosc pear, thinly sliced
1/3 cup red onion, thinly sliced
1 1/2 tsp dried cranberries
1 tbsp sliced almonds
walnut oil, a drizzle
brown sugar  or any other sweetner

{ Alternative: Use leftovers from the Bosc Pears & Glazed Pecan Salad instead. Skip every ingredient from the previous list except for the whole grain tortilla and Swiss cheese. Cook the pears with the cinnamon, sugar & walnut oil. Add the cheese, pour into a tortilla & melt! }


1. First slice the apple slices & red onions. On a small non stick skillet warm some walnut oil in medium heat. Add the apples, onion, almonds & cranberries. Now sprinkle with cinnamon and some brown sugar. Stir. Let cook for about 5 min or until the apple slices become softer and more yellow in color.

2. Add the spinach leaves. If necessary add some water to help create steam. Cover with a lid. Let the spinach cook for about 2-3 min. Stir. Now break apart the cheese slice and place on top of the apple mixture. Cover and let melt.

3. Pour the apple mixture into the tortilla. Fold in half. Cook until toasty on the outside. NOTE if using the same skillet set the heat to high. Brown each side and serve! Alternatively use a sandwich press to toast both sides. If desired add additional raw spinach leaves before toasting the quesadilla.

What are some of your favorite quesadilla recipes?


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