{Skinny Frozen Papa-berry Yogurt: no ice cream maker needed + takes 5 min!}


Thank the Lord for the invention of this instant frozen yogurt. I will cherish this amazing culinary discovery forever. Frozen fruits + some greek yogurt + electric mixer = frozen yogurt in less than 5 min. Eat this as the perfect fruity breakfast, snack or dessert. You’re obtaining all the wonderful health benefits from the perfectly ripe fruit and the yogurt without adding fat. Plus….No ice cream maker needed!! Indulge in this skinny frozen treat and don’t be afraid to experiment with other frozen fruits! Okey…I sound like a spokesperson…but I promise it’s that GOOD!

Health Benefits & Nutrition Background:

Let me share with you some of the benefits of papaya – a lovely tropical fruit that is not only packed with nutrition but has multiple health benefits. Personally, I’ve dealt with some IBS  (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since I was in third grade. I was even hospitalized at that age due to a stress induced gastritis. But I won’t get into too much detail. Needless to say, I get really bad gastrointestinal problems when I’m under stress….and going through medical school has been a challenge. I knew I had to make a decision that didn’t involve becoming a slave to pills. No…I was going to do it the right way…and it consisted in altering the way I ate. I decided to cut meat and poultry from my diet. Being a huge coffee lover & urgently needing that caffeine jolt I couldn’t give up on that so instead….I had to find other food choices that would help with my GI problems. Hence came the papaya into my life.

Papaya contains multiple beneficial enzymes that aid with the digestive process. Papain is the main enzyme that has been proven to aid with heartburn and indigestion. I obtained this from the Livestrong website (which I love): “As a natural digestive aid, papain breaks down the protein from the foods you eat into amino acids called peptides. Amino acids are essential to the function of every cell in your body. Your body can only synthesize a fraction of the necessary amino acids, and it cannot store them. Thus, you need a daily intake of protein for an adequate supply of amino acids. Your body produces protease, a proteolytic enzyme, in the pancreas. For people with digestive problems or those suffering from pancreatic insufficiency, papain may help relieve these symptoms.” Additionally other compounds found in this fruit may help protect against heart disease, have anti-Inflammatory effects, provide immune support, protect against macular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis, and promote lung health. So when I know I am going to have a very stressful day (a big exam, an oral presentation, be on call, etc…) I add papaya to my breakfast. Since my breakfast time is short, I usually rely on frozen papaya chunks as my source of this amazing fruit. I add it to oatmeal, to smoothies, salads, chutneys or desserts and off I go into my day. Furthermore if just had a fatty or heavy meal (which I hope you didn’t), eating a few slices of papaya will be beneficial to your digestive process.

But enough about enzymes…what about its nutrition?

Here are some lovely nutritious benefits from papaya:

1-low in calories

2-contains a high amount of dietary fiber  (keep your feeling fuller longer & avoiding constipation)

3-rich in antioxidants

4-papain help relieve symptoms of gas, bloating, indigestion & acid reflux

5-contains vitamins A, C & E

6-promotes weight loss due to its cleansing properties, high fiber & low caloric value

7- contains potassium, magnesium, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids

8-has powerful disease fighting & prevention properties

Convinced enough??

Now…back to the recipe!!

1 cup frozen papaya chunks
1  large frozen strawberry, or 2 medium sized, chopped
1 tbsp nonfat greek yogurt
maple syrup or honey, just a drizzle
cinnamon, just a dash
granola or nuts, for garnish – optional


1. Chop the strawberries into 4-6 pieces. Chop in half the papaya chunks for quicker results. The amount of “churning” depends on the power of your electric mixer. I have a Cuisinart grinder-mixer and it took less than 5 min!

2. Pour the fruit & the dollop of yogurt into the electric mixer. Drizzle with some maple syrup/honey or any other liquid sweetener such as agave. Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon and churn away. Grind until most of the fruit have dissolved. Don’t be a perfectionist some fruit pieces are a pleasant surprise amongst this creamy “soft-serve”
frozen yogurt.

3. This is so good you’ll probably eat it all. Garnish with granola or nuts. Enjoy! (I know I did)

Servings: 1 to 2 (depends if you are willing to share!)

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