12 Superfoods to Help You Eat Healthy for $1 or Less | Eating Well

I love the Eating Well website. They create great recipe menus to choose from – budget meals, sandwiches ideas, salads, meatless dinners, rice dishes, vegetarian and many other diet specific recipes. I highly encourage you to visit it! I found … Continue reading

{Light & Flavorful “Healthified” Lo Mein}

Summary:       First I would like to wish you all happy holidays! I hope you had a lovely time with your family or loved ones. By now, many of you must be enrolling in gyms and diet plans … Continue reading

{Sweet, Salty & Citrus filled Stuffed Sweet Potatoes}

Summary:  I have a confession to make. For the past weeks I’ve been eating lunch, occasionally from a truck outside my hospital…Yes a truck! But it’s either that or fast foods, so I opted to try out this truck which … Continue reading

{Appetizer, Brunch or Light dinner: Potato, Spinach & Caramelized Onion Frittata}

{Appetizer, Brunch or Light dinner: Potato, Spinach & Caramelized Onion Frittata}

Summary:  This is a dish you will need to watch throughout the entire cooking process, however it only takes 20 min if you are a multi-tasker like me. I love frittatas. Ironically I rarely eat them as breakfast, for me … Continue reading

{Healthy baking success: a Blueberry Banana Bread}

{Healthy baking success: a Blueberry Banana Bread}

Summary: Personally I love banana bread…and I’ve tried over 10 recipes…but the good ones usually have tons of butter and  sugar. No surprise there. So I accepted the challenge of making a healthy version. In this recipe I use key ingredients … Continue reading

{Fall-Winter Juice: with a mix of berries and pears}

Summary: Why do I love juicing? Let me count the ways… No sugar added, no preservatives, pure nutrition, so fresh, so naturally delicious… This makes the perfect snack, post-workout quencher or lovely breakfast juice. During this time of year apple, … Continue reading

7 foods to fortify your body for winter – CNN.com

7 foods to fortify your body for winter – CNN.com.

A new month is here, and it’s safe to say that new weather comes with it too. Climate is a powerful tool. Not only does it have to force to nourish crops or destroy homes but it also affects our health. With new weather comes news allergens, irritants and even some viruses and bacteria that thrive under a particular temperature. That is why it is important to fortify your immune system during the winter time. For those who are fortunate to live in a place where weather doesn’t change that much throughout the year… Well, you are in fact very lucky to avoid those drastic changes in temperature, and in your immune system… .But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to protect yourself ! Warm weather also has it’s drawbacks, since lots of mold and bacteria thrive under moist and warm environments. So regardless of where you live, I found this article on CNN.com about foods you should eat during winter time to boost your immune system…so read up! For those in a hurry I will quickly mention those must buy items: green tea, carrots (and other carotenoids), broccoli, walnuts, foods high in vit. D (egg yolks/cheese), foods high in iron (spinach/mollusks) and yes….COCOA !! So prepare yourself a lovely hot cocoa (with skim milk of course) and bundle up with someone you love during this special time. Be healthy, be grateful, be happy and enjoy the Holidays!