{Fall-Winter Juice: with a mix of berries and pears}



Why do I love juicing? Let me count the ways… No sugar added, no preservatives, pure nutrition, so fresh, so naturally delicious… This makes the perfect snack, post-workout quencher or lovely breakfast juice. During this time of year apple, pears and berries seem to be the main ingredients in sweets, pastries and other desserts. So instead of buying an apple pie or baked pears with chocolates or any other melt in your mouth pastry…which I know they are lovely, and hard to resist once in a while…This is a nutritious and guilt-free way to enjoy these fruits. So drink up and be merry!


3 Bosc pears
1 red apple
1 cup mixed berries


1. For the pears and apple – remove the stems and core if using the pulp for baking posteriorly. For the berries make sure they are completely thawed in order to extract maximum juice from them.

2. Set the juicer to low speed an extract the berry juice.

3. Switch to high speed and juice the remaining fruits.

4. Serve with ice cubes and garnish with a piece of blackberry.



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