{Berry Citrus Beet Juice: another detox recipe}

A sweet and satisfying way to detox and be healthy!


This juice is a sweet and satisfying way of detoxing and cleansing your body…but beware! For those who haven’t experimented with beet before; it is eliminated both by the gastrointestinal system and the urinary system. So don’t call a doctor if you start peeing pinkish or red – it’s just the beet cleansing away and eliminating your body’s toxins. I love juicing because sometimes I don’t have the time to eat fruits and veggies at breakfast or lunch (because they are usually on the go)…so I juice instead! It’s the perfect mid-afternoon or post-workout snack. It can also boost the nutrition of your breakfast and help you start the day more properly…As I posted in my detox article the beet, red apples and citrus fruits have detoxifying properties. Additionally you get a dose of vitamin C and some antioxidants from the orange and berries so even if you are not detoxing, this recipe is both is delicious and healthy! Go ahead…be courageous and try something new…Plus isn’t beet juice so pretty? It turns out bright magenta – the color itself is so appealing…unlike any artificial juice in the market..nature is truly remarkable.

Servings: 3 // Yield: 25-30mL

1 large beet
1 large orange
1 red apple
2 cups whole strawberries


1. Remove the skin from the orange and cut in half. Remove the stem from the apple and cut into 4 halves. Cut the beet into 4 pieces or enough so it fits through the juicer opening. If using frozen strawberries, let thaw completely before using.

2. Juice the orange and strawberries at low speed FIRST. Then switch to high speed for the remaining ingredients.

3. Mix well with a whisk to incorporate the ingredients. Serve immediately for best results.




Berry Citrus Beet Juice

A sweet and satisfying way to detox and be healthy!

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