{Strawberry-rhubarb cream cheese spread: eat it as breakfast, snack or appetizer}

Strawberry-rhubarb cream cheese spread

Now I know what you must be thinking…don’t they sell strawberry flavored cream cheese? Yes they do. However, they use the regular cream cheese in the store bought kind, I prefer the 1/3 less fat kind. Plus I like to give it a nutritional boost by adding chia seeds and ground flax seed. You could also experiment by adding some protein powder into the mixture. I choose strawberry based jams because strawberries naturally contain seeds, so the extra add ins go unnoticed by the untrained eye (aka kids, elderly and stubborn adults who don’t like to eat healthy). The jam also enriches the reduced fat flavor. This spread is such an easy thing to prepare (takes less than 5 min.) and have in the fridge. Plus you will only dirty one knife during the morning (I really like this point). I usually make a toast, then use one knife for peanut butter or cream cheese, another for jam plus I sprinkle my toast with some chia seeds. Hassle avoided with this recipe. This flavorful spread could also work perfectly for a party – either for a brunch or a small gathering with friends. It has a hint of sweetness which contrasts nicely with other typical salty appetizers. Plus you could make mini canapés and place fruit on top or just serve as a dip with some multigrain crackers. I mean who doesn’t love a cream cheese spread!? I think this is a staple in most American homes…so now you can make a healthier version of this crowd pleaser.


Berry-licious Chia Jam

– You could always use home made jam…Check out my delicious, heart healthy recipe here. (Picture on the right).

– If using the store-bought kind always read the ingredient label!! Try to choose one that doesn’t have weird chemicals or preservatives. I usually buy the ” Sarabeth’s” brand but use whichever you have available. Natural jams only contain fruit, sugar and lemon juice (to prevent fruit oxidation).


-Did you know that 1 cup of rhubarb has more calcium than a glass of milk? After reading that I bought strawberry-rhubarb jam which is the one I used for this recipe. But feel free to use any strawberry jam you have available.

-Other ingredients than surpass milk in calcium content per serving are: almonds, collared greens, cooked spinach and sesame seeds. For more information on this, check out this article.

8 oz 1/3 less fat cream cheese, at room temperature
2 tbsp of natural strawberry jam
1 tbsp of chia seeds, *omega-3 boost
1/2 tbsp of ground flax seeds, *fiber boost


Strawberry-rhubarb cream cheese spread

1. Using a hand mixer or food processor, blend all ingredients until smooth. Refrigerate and store in a sealed container for longer preservation.

Strawberry-rhubarb cream cheese spread

2. Spread onto mini whole wheat toasts as a snack or canapé, spread onto whole wheat bagels or any rustic multigrain bread. ENJOY!!

Strawberry-rhubarb cream cheese spread

Strawberry-rhubarb cream cheese spread

Strawberry-rhubarb cream cheese spread

soooooo yummyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

..what are some of your favorite cream cheese spreads? I love to make them for parties..so easy…

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