{Green juicing: kiwi edition}

Kiwi Green Juice

Summary: Green juicing. This is a great way to deviate from your every day smoothies and juices. Using kiwis creates a boldly sweet and even spicy/tangy taste. The pears and spinach add fiber which help balance out the sugar content in the fruits by avoiding a large insulin spike through your bloodstream.

Nutritional Analysis:

3 bosc pears
4 kiwis
4 cups of fresh spinach

6 ice cubes

1. Juice the kiwis in low speed & the pears at high speed. Transfer the juice to a blender, add the spinach and ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Alternatively juice the spinach directly and divide the ice cubes among the glasses.


JUICING/SMOOTHIE TIP: I like to blend the spinach and other leafy greens instead of juicing them because that way I can extract and consume 100% of the leaf.



Serving Size: 4 (and only 144 calories per glass!) – could also divide into 2 larger portions


… dare to try it ?


3 thoughts on “{Green juicing: kiwi edition}

    • Great question! Well I don’t because it provides a spicier/tangy taste. But if you prefer a sweeter taste, I encourage you to peel the skin. I mean the skin of the kiwi has a very particular taste than not everyone might like, so if it’s your first time juicing with kiwis, peel the skin and as you become more acquired to the taste start by experimenting with the skin! (that sounds weird lol).

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