Med school life updates and happy news

So, for those who have read my bio you know that I am a medical school student. My third year is almost ending…a lot of us consider ourselves 75% MD by now… Furthermore a lot questions,doubts and planning about our future have begun to boil over. Come july we have to apply for residency…Wohoo! Huge step in our career. But for that a lot of variables come into our scientific minds. Where should I apply? Should I stay or move away? Match or off match? but most importantly… What specialty should I choose? I am not going to bore with a lot of details of this arduous process but I would like to share with you the result of all that pondering. I have always known I like endocrinology. For obvious reasons to many who know me well – it integrates metabolism, nutrition, exercise, prevention, hormone regulation, biochemistry, genetics, etc. However many of you don’t know my motivation behind everything. What drifted me towards med school and endocrinology. My maternal grandfather died when I was 10 years old. He died of complications related to type 2 diabetes. [Disclaimer -if you do not like graphic medical descriptions, skip to the next paragraph]. Since I was about 7 years old I watched him slowly deteriorate, I watched how he lost his toes (from amputations), then his leg below the knee, then his next leg, then above the knee… It was a horrible process. To watch someone become incapacitated in that way. He also slowly lost his vision until becoming almost completely blind, then his organs started failing, and then he passed away.

I was heartbroken of course but also bewildered by how everything unfolded. Why did he die like that? Couldn’t have this been prevented? Well, 15 years later now I know it could have. So I came to realize I want to focus on pediatric endocrinology. Yes PEDS. It had never crossed my mind. But in the midst of my peds rotation I was in love. And then I came to realize that this is my optimal target population – I mean how can I preach about prevention to someone who is already coming to me with end organ damage? Who has already lost vision? Who has already lived a careless life? So instead I am dedicating my life to prevention. I want to help save those kids who develop diabetes from an early age, help them live a healthy NORMAL life with their disease. Educate them and their parents about health, eating right, exercising and losing weight.

So… that is all…I just wanted to share that decision with my readers and thank you for the support! BTW I am so happy that HH&W has gotten dramatically popular over the facebook page… 736 Likes and counting. Hope you are learning, AND cooking AND becoming inspired! I just created some delicious banana-coconut oatmeal muffins. They are vegan (aka no eggs, no butter). They also contain whole grains to boost your fiber intake, coconut oil, a bit a brown sugar and topped with coconut flakes or cashews. A dozen muffins for a dozen days of goodness. Will post recipe soon…as in will probably post it tomorrow. HaVe a NiCe DaY!


One thought on “Med school life updates and happy news

  1. KUDOS to you for taking the path you have choosen and make medicine not a business but a vehicle to the impovement of life quality. Starting with children we are bound to achieve better lifes for all. And yes I have enjoyed your stories and hints.

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