{5 de MaYo: Mexican recipes roundup}

mexican fiesta

Healthy, Happy & Whole’s Mexican food obsession:

So by now you’ve probably noticed how we loveeeee Mexican food…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Well first of all it’s so visually appealing. Home cooked mexican can be pretty nutritious since you use fresh, unprocessed ingredients and load the dishes with vegetables (I hope). Think about it: pico de gallo, corn, avocado, beans, fajita vegetables… The problem is most restaurants also load these dishes with artery clogging animal fat. Our version of Mexican food is quite different. If you follow the link to these recipes you will notice all of our mexican dishes have a vegan base but also include cheesy options for vegetarians and omnivorous alike. Go ahead, grab a beer or a margarita and make these!

Mexican appetizers and side dishes:

1) Home made refried beans – go ahead and use any canned bean you have available. I am sure they will be great.

2) Arugula, beet and avocado salad – finished off with sliced almonds and goat cheese

3) Red veggie salsa – great for stuffing into burritos, tacos and quesadillas. Also go great with corn chips (as seen in the pic below)

4) Fresh guacamole – no description required. Who doesn’t love avocado?

Healthy Mexican Sides

Main dishes, perfect for lunch or dinner:

1) Red veggie salsa tacos – so fresh and light, perfect for lunch time!

2) Baked black bean nachos – with a guacamole base and savory black beans…this will become a weeknight favorite.

3) The avo-bean quesadilla – loaded with avocado slices and crunchy red cabbage

4) Sweet potato mexican bowls – sweet potato, vegan ground beef, black beans, avocado and a hint of citrus. You will get a powerful burst of flavors in each bite: sweet, salty, tangy, spicy, creamy…A must try! Not a bowl fan? This recipe also contains instructions for making stuffed sweet potatoes. Cooking note: Never tried vegan ground beef before? Feel free to substitute it with lean ground beef/chicken or turkey.

5) Vegan ground beef fajitas – pretty self explanatory. This post is useful if you’ve never created mexican cuisine before. You can learn what kind of seasonings to use and some helpful cooking tips to keep Mexican food HEALTHY!


… Do you usually celebrate 5 de mayo? I will find any excuse to eat mexican…so I always challenge myself to try a new mexican dish or whip up something new!

Buen provecho amigos.

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