{Carrot-apple detox juice}

Carrot-apple detox juice

Servings: 4 small glasses
Yield: 1 L

More than your average detox juice. This is the perfect juice to start your day. The ingredients used have a low glycemic index which means less carbs/sugar content. This helps prevent an insulin spike and helps you maintain that waistline you are working for. Cucumber and lemon are classic detox ingredients, the first due to its high water content the second due to its antioxidant capacity and vitamin C content. So what does this mean? That this juice will not only work as a diuretic but will also help with skin health by providing anti-aging properties. So besides using SPF this summer, this is a handy recipe to remember! Especially after those long days in the sun or those endless nights of partying. Remember being healthy is about having balance so go ahead and enjoy your life but make sure to make up for it the next day! 

BTW after tasting this I hope you realize how cucumber works amazingly in juices. It will help dilute the recipe and make it a bit less sweet especially when using high glycemic index fruits like WATERMELON and TROPICAL fruits (banana and mango have tons of sugar so consume moderately!!). 

Nutritional Analysis

Good points

CALORIES: 99 per glass ! ENJOY !! 


6 medium carrots
2 organic apples
1 medium cucumber
1 meyer lemon, 1/2 peeled, 1/2 sliced
*optional – mint leaves, 2 per glass

Peel the carrots, 1/2 a lemon and the cucumber. Juice cucumber and lemon on LOW speed. Juice carrots and apple on HIGH speed. Whisk until combined. Garnish with ice cubes, mint leaves and lemon slices.

Store in the refrigerator with a sprig of mint and consume in 2-3 days. For best results drink right away! 

Carrot-apple detox juice


You can really tell the difference when using organic ingredients. Look at the size of this apple. Palm size. That is how nature intended for them to be! Their size make them perfectly adequate for a healthy snack. For those who are not familiar with the dirty dozen list of fruits and vegetables you should buy organic – apples are at the top of the list! So keep that in mind next time you go grocery shopping. And whenever possible, remember to always buy local, natural produce instead of the frozen/processed kind. The latter is usually mass produced, genetically modified and loaded with pesticides and/or preservatives. 

What stuff do you usually buy organic? Comment below! 

3 thoughts on “{Carrot-apple detox juice}

  1. Yo compro manzanas organicas en unos paquetitos para snacks en Costco. Lo que no he encontrado donde comprar en PR son strawberries organicas. Si sabes let me know 🙂

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