{Juicing kale: a total disappointment but a good juice recipe}

Kale detox juice


First time juicing kale and totally disappointed. 3 large kale leaves produced about 2 tablespoons of juice. So sad….and the blueberries, not good for JUICING either!! I had to add 2 pears because these babies really produce juice. The lemon adds a bit of tartness to the juice, but it makes this perfectly refreshing and great for the summer months. It also helps boost its detox powers. I also hate juices that are extremely sweet, hence I try to balance my recipes by adding either a vegetable, a lemon or leafy greens. This is a short post because I am a bit short on time but for those of you who don’t know… Kale is even more nutritious than spinach, even in small quantities. I will talk more about this in another post! Hope these comments/tips/info. help you in your future juicing experiences! But this confirms my previous belief that leafy greens are best used in a blender along with blueberries. I felt like I watched my money get shredded away in the juicer. Bad juicing experience…but hey…that’s how you learn!? On the other hand the recipe was great. I loved the taste of it and was super happy that at least I got a yummy outcome out of this experience!

Kale Detox Juice

3 large kale leaves
2 small bosc pears
6 oz of blueberries
1 meyer lemon, peeled
Kale Detox Juice

Juice according to your juicer settings! I juiced everything on low first except the pears (last ingredient, juicer at high speed). Note – you can either use the kale leaves or discard them. Not much difference!! It barely produces ANY juice. I will definitely try the smoothie idea on another occasion. Serve with ice cubes.

(Alternative) smoothie instructions:


BLENDER TIPS: (1) Make sure to remove the stem from the kale leaves. (2) Core the pears. (3) Use only the lemon juice instead of the whole lemon. (4) Add coconut water or regular water as needed for the smoothie version or use pear juice instead of the 2 pears.

Servings: 2.

Kale Detox Juice

Have you tried kale yet? It’s not as scary as it seams. It’s just like any other leafy green but healthier !!

2 thoughts on “{Juicing kale: a total disappointment but a good juice recipe}

  1. So we started juicing three weeks ago after watching the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead on Netflix and we were using an average juicer I got at Walmart. It juiced most things fine, but I was having a huge issue with my leafy greens and with soft fruits (berries). I could barely get any juice out of it! A whole bunch of Kale would produce very little juice. Regardless, I started noticing all the good effects of juicing… weight loss, clearer skin, more energy without coffee, etc.. Oh and as a bonus the sugar cravings subsided greatly, as did my cravings for bad food, and surprisingly for meat (the more I juiced, the greater my aversion to meat became). So I kept buying lots of veggies just to get a little juice out of them. Now, I was replacing two meals and a snack a day with a green juice. That was a lot of veggies!!! Finally, I realized I had a crappy juicer! So I decided to replace my old juicer with a high end centrifugal juicer, and I am extremely impressed with how much juice it yields from my leafy greens! As for the berries, its still better to blend them and add them to my juice… Anyways, just thought I would chime in since Kale is definitely worth juicing 🙂 I can’t get through the day without two “mean green” juices!

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