HHW’s Top Attractions in 2013..in case you missed them!

HHW's Top Attractions in 2013..in case you missed them!

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!!

Another 365 days of life gone, lived and enjoyed. Why don’t we kick off this new year of  blogging by reviewing the best of 2013? I’ve included a picture collage of our most popular attractions in 2013. I don’t know about you but I am ready to spring clean my body (and home) during January. The Holidays are always tough, health wise… If you are lucky, you get some time off from your busy schedule (and hectic life) and suddenly your NEW schedule is packed with parties and family gatherings. Old friends who you only get to see once a year show up, so you can’t say no can’t you? Friends get married, other start having kids, some get good news others bad…But somehow all of these life events end up being supplied with endless opportunities of unhealthy food choices, loads of alcohol, and poor sleeping cycles… Then just before the vacation is over you realize you need another vacation from your current vacation. Why? Because you are tired, bloated, with baseline acid reflux and a few extra pounds in some cases. Is it worth it? YES, many times YES. You only live once. The important lesson is to pick up the remaining pieces of yourselves (after the gruesome vacation schedule) and jump start the year right once AGAIN. If you identified yourself in this passage, revisit our last year’s guideline on how to DETOX after the Holidays. (Click HERE for the guideline). 

Without further ado… here are 5 recipes to get you back on the healthy eating trail:

Our Top 5 Attractions in 2013

1) Asian Night – vegan style: quinoa stuffed lettuce wraps with hot peanut sauce
2) Detoxifying vegan wrap
3) Banana-coconut oatmeal muffins
4) Baked Black Bean Nachos
5) Hummus recipes: traditional + sweet & spicy beetroot edition

*{Click on the titles to access the recipes}

Have a HEALTHY, HaPpY & WhoLeSoMe New Year!!

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