Motivation Fridays: Keep working towards a healthier you!

Good habits



A lot of people come into temptation during the weekends. What do you do to stay on track? Do you have any healthy tips you will like to share with our blog community? Feel free to post below.



  • My tip to you is to allow yourself to give in ONCE during the weekend, pick your day/night and indulge!
  • Sundays – are the perfect day for meal prepping. Cut vegetables, make whole grain rice, and/or prep snacks for the week. Take advantage of the “slow” nature of the day & anticipate your healthy food needs during the week.
  • Take healthy snacks wherever you go. I don’t know it it has happened to you, but at least for me — weekend errands turn into day long trips on the road. Be prepped. Take at least 2 snacks with you. I always love to pack a small fruit (apple, oranges, pears, etc), some nuts or hearty whole grain cereal. If you are taking cereal, make sure to read the label. A low calorie snack should not exceed 100-120 calories and 5-6g of sugar per portion.
  • Going to the movies? Take healthy popcorn. I KNOW! That buttery smell at the movie theater is intoxicating, but 1 bag of popcorn can pack up to 1,500 calories!!! Plus, that yellow pigment that makes popcorn yellow has been identified as a carcinogen. There are tons of healthy, non-GMO, organic popcorn alternatives out there. Search for brands that are lightly salted and use olive oil instead of butter. I loooove the “BOOM CHICKA POP” brand because you 1 cup of popcorn has only 35 calories!!!! AMAZING!!!
  • Drinking out? Stay away from drinks with juice. Cranberry and OJ have tons of sugar and add plenty of calories that will turn into fat with every sip. Opt for a small drink with carbonated water and lime. These will help you detox while drinking! And avoid hangover symptoms by keeping you hydrated at the same pace you are drinking. I stay away from hard liquor, (docto recommended) and always opt for a glass of wine. At least you are getting some antioxidants out it… right?


Hope these 4 little tips help you stay relatively “clean” during the weekend!


Remember to share your healthy living weekend tips below!


Have a lovely weekend,





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