Motivation Fridays: a 15 min. TEDTALK about claiming your adulthood, and finding happiness in the process


I’ve mentioned TedTalks before – they are 15-20min. video “talks” (from experts) about ideas worth spreading. (That’s their motto). I saw this one last night and I think it’s something every twentysomething should watch.

Even if your are not in your 20s, this motivational talk is great for helping anyone in their 20-30s who seem LOST or unfocused. This video encourages people in their 20s to stop wasting this precious decade and start transforming their lives. This psychologist from Berkley gives advice on how to claim your adulthood aka start creating a life you love, and finding happiness in the process. How? Watch the video below to get the expert tips. As a small teaser, here’s an inspirational quote from the talk:

Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do. You’re deciding your life right now.” 

Intrigued? Watch the full video here:


Have a healthy, happy & whole weekend!





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