Leafy greens for breakfast? Yup. Check out our superfood packed {Greek Breakfast Salad}

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The greeks really know what they are doing – food wise. During our trip to Greece we encountered a variety of fresh ingredients in the breakfast salad bar…and you know what? Since it was readily available I found myself encouraged to eat SALAD for BREAKFAST. Sounds atypical for the American culture right? Well it was pretty typical for the Europeans. They would not only included seasonal fruits but a variety of olives, nuts and leafy greens.

Here is my version of this European tradition. I hope this post encourages you to eat more greens with your breakfast. Need I mention the nutritional benefits? This salad is packed with antioxidant rich berries and calcium rich leafy greens. The cucumber has diuretic (detoxing) properties. Plus both kale and chia seeds are considered “superfoods” due to their numerous nutritional benefits. As little as 1-2 tablespoons per day of chia seeds can help you meet your daily fiber intake. Plus the latter can help lower your bad cholesterol while raising your cardio-protective cholesterol. For more information on the nutritional benefits of chia seeds check out our old post HERE.

Bottom line… This salad recipe is a GREAT way to start your day! I usually had this with a side of hard boiled eggs. Seemed like a well balanced breakfast for me. Feel free to top with feta cheese, cottage cheese or nuts for added protein intake. Tomatoes are also welcome.

PS – I included a small slideshow from our trip, hope you enjoy it. 


1 cup kale, lettuce or spinach leaves – finely chopped
1 cup fresh strawberries – sliced & chopped
1 cup english cucumber – chopped
1/2 cup green grapes – halved
1 tbsp. aged balsamic vinegar
1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil , or your favorite oil
1 tbsp. chia seeds

Servings: 1


Greek Breakfast Salad Mediterranean Breakfast Salad

Wash and pat dry all ingredients. If using kale, break away the leaves and discard the stem. Chop the cucumber into 1 inch cubes and slice the strawberries. Cut the green grapes in half. Toss everything in a bowl. Drizzle with oil and vinegar. Sprinkle with chia seeds to garnish. Mix well. Serve chilled.

Mediterranean Breakfast Salad

To add some punch finish off with your favorite herb (dill and basil work great with these ingredients). As mentioned above you could also add feta cheese or your favorite nut as garnish.

STORAGE – Transfer to a mason jar or any other storage container. Store in the refrigerator for the next day. Best when eaten within 12 hours of prep.

COOKING TIP – when prepping salads ahead of time, NEVER add the dressing or vinaigrette beforehand – it will wilt the lettuce. To conserve freshness, add the dressing/vinaigrette at the last minute -just before eating the salad.

Mediterranean Breakfast Salad

Layered salad (above). All mixed up, and ready to be eaten, salad (below). 

Mediterranean Breakfast Salad

Would you try this as part your balanced breakfast? Feel free to comment below!

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