{About us}

I am a recently graduated medical doctor with a thirst for knowledge, a need for a creative outlet, a passion for cooking and a great desire to be healthy, happy and whole. I am a great believer that “you are what you eat” therefore I am constantly looking for ways to stay healthy and eat accordingly. My dream is to become a Family Physician and help my future patients through education and primary prevention. I would love to have an impact on their lifestyles and help cut out those nasty habits that are becoming a heavy burden for our healthcare system. Obesity, Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus are almost becoming a constant triad in Americans over 60 years old. But what most people don’t know it’s that there are lots of accessible things and small changes  you can do to prevent that. And it all begins with your diet and lifestyle. I am 80% vegetarian; I say this because I looove seafood, this accounts for the other 20% of my food intake. Plus there is the occasional special occasion where you can’t stay away from something topped with pancetta or bacon. I try to make those days the exception and not the rule.

The World Health Association defines health as a state of “complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Most people err in thinking otherwise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a daily task; you must work at it every day, feed it and nourish it. Health is not achieved with a pill, fluids or injections. Although these measures are sometimes necessary to treat an illness. Health is a lifestyle. Health is having peace of mind. Health is finding the perfect balance between what you want to do and what you must do.


Besides working at being healthy, studying like crazy and putting everything I got into those hospital rounds… I love baking, doing craft projects around the house, painting, and entertaining. Find an occasion and I’ll throw you a party. Nevertheless I don’t always find the time to do all of those things due to my busy schedule so exercising, and doing yoga in particularly has become a great outlet for me. It also helps that I married a certified yoga instructor. I think that together we achieve the perfect balance. He is my sous chef and avid food taster. He is also interested in Dermatology, nutritional biochemistry, autoimmune diseases, and anti-aging; topics you will find discussed in our blog!

Hope you find some inspiration in our posts. If you have any questions regarding our recipes or articles feel free to comment!! And remember… “there is no greater fear that fear itself.” Never become too afraid of taking that first step towards a healthier you! Cooking is a creative experiment filled with trial and error processes. Bend the rules once in a while. Sometimes you will become disappointed, but do not get discouraged!! Sometimes this path also leads to an amazing result. Although some ingredients might scare you, you will never know if you like or dislike something unless you try!

Being healthy is a constant but very rewarding challenge. Seize the day, take control of your life and start making small, positive changes towards an enhanced version of yourself!


Created by: CRIH & OWNP.

For contact information email me at: crihenn@yahoo.com or my husband at onevar01@gmail.com


PS – If you were wondering…these wonderful pictures were taken where we live! (In a wonderful paradise called Puerto Rico).

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