SMART motivation

Advice for setting a healthy goal For all of you out there wishing to lose weight / acquire a healthier lifestyle / exercise more often, remember to act “SMART” when setting your personal goal. Be SPECIFIC about what you want to accomplish. … Continue reading

Anti-Aging Medicine: Fact or Fiction?

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Anti-Aging has become sort of a hot topic in the last few years. Not since Ponce de Leon’s failed quest for the fountain of youth and immortality has this gotten so much attention. New offices take root day after day in … Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Health Survival Guide

Hello readers…I would like to take the time to bring you some surprising facts about Thanksgiving and how you can stay away from making some of the most common eating mistakes! The holidays are a great time of celebration, of … Continue reading

{An Ode to Red Cabbage}

I love this vegetable. You can buy a large piece without worrying that it will go bad since it has a long fridge life. In my experience it can last up to 3 weeks without going bad. If you see parts starting to get darker just chop or peel away that bad layer and you’ll find a fresh piece of cabbage waiting for you inside.

Let’s talk about how it looks…I love to use it because just as little as 1/4 cup can transform your meal and give it a bright punch of color and nutrition. Eat it raw in your salads, pitas, and wraps. Add it to your mexican dishes or incorporate it into your asian dishes. The possibilities are endless. You’ll see me using it a lot…here’s why:

(This information was obtained from the Livestrong website): “While green cabbage is the most commonly eaten variety, red cabbage offers more nutritional benefits as well as a hearty, robust flavor, according to the World’s Healthiest Foods website. Red cabbage contains a type of group of phytochemicals or compounds found in plant foods with disease-fighting properties known, collectively, as polyphenols. Polyphenols may offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. Red cabbage is low in calories, a good source of dietary fiber and a rich source of several vitamins.” These include including vitamins A, C and K, as well as the minerals potassium and manganese. It is also rich in beta-carotene, which offers antioxidant benefits.

Additionally as much as 1 cup of raw red cabbage has only 27 calories & 0 grams of fat! So eat up! However be careful about how you cook this magnificent vegetable. As many other vegetables over-cooking it may kill many of its beneficial nutrients. So in order to retain the most nutrients it is best to cook in a small amount of water (this is why you’ll see me using this technique over and over again in my recipes). Light steaming is an effective cooking method plus it’s the best way to cook your veggies without piling up extra calories and fat.

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Some Excercise is (much) Better than None

Let’s shift gears a bit and talk about the other side of the health coin. According to Nature via Women’s Health Magazine scientists have recently discovered a hormone called “Irisin” which presents in your bloodstream when you excercise. Harvard University is currently examining this hormone as a potential treatment for diabetes and obesity because it improves glucose tolerance (which means that your body is better able to handle and metabolize glucose) and converts “white fat” to “brown fat.” Brown fat, as some of you might know, burns way more calories than white fat. Unfortunately for us most of this fat is gone from our body by the time we are adults and instead we are stuck with the abdominal flab known as… white fat… which just seems to grow if left unattended. Further ominous news includes the fact that research into possible pharmaceutical applications of “Irisin” are still in their infant stages. Luckily I can tell you how you can get your hands on an ENDLESS supply of the wonder hormone “Irisin” right now!!!! Call Toll Free 1-800…(I’m starting to sound like a drug salesman huh…) All you need to do is excercise… atleast 30 minutes 3 times a week is considered beneficial. Lets be serious here… there are… 10080 minutes in a week. You still have the other 9990 to do as you please! The hardest part about excercising is starting to do it. Have you noticed this as well? Some days I feel like I rather look at paint dry than excercise. Once you get past those first 10 “hell minutes” as one might call them… its smooth sailing from there… and hey… some people even start to like it! So toss the remote control aside and lets take advantage of the fact that excercise is even better for your health than we thought (it has its own hormone for Christ’s Sake)!


Just add flaxseed

Just add flaxseed

Just add flaxseed

I know we don’t always have to time to go to the supermarket, shop for the right ingredients and cook a well balanced meal. This doesn’t mean we are excused from eating healthy. There are plenty of ingredients you can keep in your pantry without worrying about it rotting away. This is were flaxseed comes in.

From “This oil is virtually tasteless so it’s a perfect way to sneak nutrients into a picky eater’s diet. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has been shown to promote sustained energy levels, balanced blood sugar, a healthy heart, and beautiful skin, hair, and nails.”

So..worst case scenario… regular pasta or white rice on the hand? just add some flaxseed! That way you will secretly sneak in some fiber without compromising the taste of your meal. Any type of seed works great on salads, rice, pasta, oatmeal or even on toast with nut butter.

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Hello world!

I am a 20 something med school student in the never-ending search for guidelines on healthy living. In my hectic life as a married med school student I found two great stress relievers: cooking and exercise. Well, I married a yoga teacher that helps too. He is also a med school student and we’ve been going through this amazing learning journey together for the past two years. My dream is to become an endocrinologist. I want to focus and teach about prevention through a whole diet and the importance of leading an active life. The amount of research available out there about the healing power of food and the benefits of exercise are astonishing! I feel like my job is to spread the good news, inspire people and help them get rid of their bad health habits. Don’t get me wrong I believe in indulging once in a while too. Help me on my mission and I hope I’ll help you too.