SMART motivation

Advice for setting a healthy goal For all of you out there wishing to lose weight / acquire a healthier lifestyle / exercise more often, remember to act “SMART” when setting your personal goal. Be SPECIFIC about what you want to accomplish. … Continue reading

BBC News – Cancer tidal wave, we should focus on food!!!

FINALLY !!!! SOMEONE WITH THE RIGHT IDEAS… I read this article yesterday and was both excited and relieved. These type of newspaper articles are becoming increasingly more common (THANK GOD). The World Health Organization (WHO) posted this yesterday regarding what … Continue reading

“A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ”

Found this interesting article in and wanted to share it with you. It expresses how stress can affect cancer survival. Very interesting…finally researchers and doctors are starting to investigate not only how drugs work…but the impact that lifestyle has on LIFE.! It’s absurd they didn’t research this before.

Stress, depression may affect cancer survival –