Some Excercise is (much) Better than None

Let’s shift gears a bit and talk about the other side of the health coin. According to Nature via Women’s Health Magazine scientists have recently discovered a hormone called “Irisin” which presents in your bloodstream when you excercise. Harvard University is currently examining this hormone as a potential treatment for diabetes and obesity because it improves glucose tolerance (which means that your body is better able to handle and metabolize glucose) and converts “white fat” to “brown fat.” Brown fat, as some of you might know, burns way more calories than white fat. Unfortunately for us most of this fat is gone from our body by the time we are adults and instead we are stuck with the abdominal flab known as… white fat… which just seems to grow if left unattended. Further ominous news includes the fact that research into possible pharmaceutical applications of “Irisin” are still in their infant stages. Luckily I can tell you how you can get your hands on an ENDLESS supply of the wonder hormone “Irisin” right now!!!! Call Toll Free 1-800…(I’m starting to sound like a drug salesman huh…) All you need to do is excercise… atleast 30 minutes 3 times a week is considered beneficial. Lets be serious here… there are… 10080 minutes in a week. You still have the other 9990 to do as you please! The hardest part about excercising is starting to do it. Have you noticed this as well? Some days I feel like I rather look at paint dry than excercise. Once you get past those first 10 “hell minutes” as one might call them… its smooth sailing from there… and hey… some people even start to like it! So toss the remote control aside and lets take advantage of the fact that excercise is even better for your health than we thought (it has its own hormone for Christ’s Sake)!