New Alzheimer’s drug can stop symptoms for three years – PubMed Health

Alzheimer’s disease. Anyone who has had a relative with this condition knows how horrible this progressive and aggressive disease can be. You literally see the person you love drift away and forget their life and memories selectively. It’s has a very unpredictable course that varies from person to person. Some people argue that there are other diseases out there that are way worse…but this raises the question which is worse: physical deterioration or mental deterioration to the extreme that you become truly dependent on others anyways. At least the people that have physically deteriorating diseases have their happy memories to hold on to and hope to grasp on to, activities to look forward to, and so on. What are people with Alzheimer’s left with? Without going further into a philosophical debate…here is an excerpt from today’s article: “There is no cure yet for Alzheimer’s disease, though medication is available that can improve symptoms in some people. Research efforts are concentrating on both preventing the deterioration of early symptoms and treating the established disease. This study appears to be investigating the first option, but larger studies of the immunoglobulin will be required before newspapers can truly call IVIG a ‘wonder drug’.The research suggests that IVIG can slow down the progression of some of the symptoms of Alzeheimer’s but this certainly does not amount to a cure. It is unclear how long the beneficial effects of IVIG may last or whether everyone treated with IVIG would experience any benefits.”

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